Dead Sessions Lite - July 12th 

The music of The Grateful Dead transcends time, age and race. Their soul touching jams and family like environment carved a niche in the counter culture that will never be filled. Over the past 14 years Dead Sessions have grown and merged to become one of the favorite Grateful Dead experiences in the Northeast. Playing since 1998, the collective is known for their authentic but unique renditions of Grateful Dead classics thick with heartfelt jams that make the most jaded DeadHead rejoice. With an unmasked joy that pours off the stage and blurs any boundaries with their audience, the Sessions are beloved from both the causal fan to the deadicated Terrapin warrior.

Wild Accusations - July 19th

Wild Accusations performs material that is a hybrid of Rock, Country & Blues while sprinkling in tastes of Jazz, Cajun, Funk, and Folk. Their material spans generations and genres equally, and provides the variety you need to stay on the dancefloor all night long! The versatility of the performers allows each song to come to life in a unique and organic way, both instrumentally and vocally.

The CanAm Dixieland Band -July 26th

Toe tapping Dixieland, original compositions and jazz standards!


Big Whiskey Social Club - August 2nd

Big Whiskey Social Club is a modern country band in NE Vermont. We're made up of seasoned musicians playing today's biggest country, mixed in with classic country and some classic rock. If BWSC is playing, you know it gonna be a great time!

Mike Goudreau Band - August 9th

For the past 20 years this band has wowed audiences with a repertoire that keeps them on the dance floor from start to finish. They cover a wide variety of Classic Rock hits with a repertoire of over 500 songs from beloved artists as The Beatles, Rolling Stones, C.C.R. , Doobie Brothers, The Doors, Bob Seger, George Thorogood, Santana, Chuck Berry and much more.

Evansville Transit Authority - Aug 16th

The Evansville Transit Authority, now in their fifteenth year as a band, have always been about respecting the music they play. The band's philosophy revolves around performing songs by artists that the band members and their audiences know and love, and then interpreting them in their own unique, organic way. Never restricted by the way a song was originally recorded, the band is free to experiment and explore the possibilities that the music offers, often melding songs and ideas together into cohesive sets of non-stop music.